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 Welcome to My little piece of the Web where I am going to attempt to simplify 
the act of purchasing and Sales on ebay. I have had several inquiries recently to
 aid in uploading files to ebay and its Auctions. 
   One of the first things you need is an Acct on eBay. Just go there and fill out the
 form and aggree to the Users Terms of Use and your on your way!! 
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fireking dish
Candy Dish
Crown Potteries Creamer
Otagiri Plate
Arzberg Cup & Saucer+
Occupied Japan Vase
Avon Red Cape Cod
Dragon Pendant
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Bon Bon Dish FireKing Dish Crown Potteries Creamer
Otagiri Plate Jade Dragon Arzberg
Elephants Occupied Japan Vase Avon Cape Cod Creamer
Sarah Coventry Necklace Dragon Pendant

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    1.  Decide what you wish to Sell and make a list of the Items in a notebook;

    2.  Next Research; Try to find what each item you have listed has been bringing.

    3.  How many Items have sold in the last Month or so.

    4.  To find out how many items have sold and how much they brought go to ebay and
       search for whatever you are selling  and when the results come up look on the left 
     at the links and about half way down you will see a group of search options, Look 
    and find the one thats issold listings and click on it. you should see the Items that
     have sold and what the selling price was for the previous 30 days. This will give you
     a ballpark figure as to what to price your Item for and ahow long it should take to 
    sell and what the percentage of sales to listings so you can have a better grasp 
    as to when to list the Items you are going to sell,.  

   5.    Next on my list is pictures -- there is nothing more important to selling an Item 
       than having a quality group of pics of what  you are selling. This tells the buyer 
       what condition the item is in better than any written description can and also lets
        the potential buyer see that you want them to see every little detail about the
        Item before they buy.

  6.    Having a good return policy will sometimes be the difference in whether something
       sells or not, whether they need to return or not, a buyer likes to have that 
       option available.